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FrznSpot - Tool Idea

Idea: A program that automates the steps involved in MAC address spoofing to access a restricted wireless hotspot.

Simple Explanation: Wireless hotspots like in Starbucks charge you a hefty fee. They identify the computers using a number called the MAC address. This address can be changed with software. If you change your computer’s address to an address already let through by the hotspot, you will be let through too.

Warning: The software I am talking about is for use in your own hotspots only - like in your home. Using it in places where you have to pay for wireless (like some airports) may be illegal. (Whats the point then, you ask? I can’t answer that. For me, this is just a possible cool tool. I am not trying to break the law.)

The program must run on Windows. Linux users are savvy enough to spoof their way in anyway! The main requirement is that the user should not have to do anything other than execute the program. All the spoofing programs out there now assume that the user is a computer expert. This is not good :-)

In my opinion, spoofing MAC address is a long hit-or-miss process. A program should do all the hard work of hunt, try and repeat. It should scan the environment for active addresses and try each until it succeeds to connect to the internet.

Right now I don’t know where to start and what to do. Let me explore further. This seems very interesting and I think lots of people will be interested in such a tool.

If you know of a tool that already does this, please let me know asap.

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1 comment
Adam wrote on Aug 04, 2007:
Hmm, very interesting idea. I never thought about automating this process.