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Programmers don’t enjoy working for companies for the same reason that prostitutes don’t enjoy sex. Initial fascination goes like: “I’ll get paid to do something I’ll be doing anyway!” But bigger the company, the more often do you have to service ugly old men of code alignment standards et al. Sure, the money is good, it pays your bills and puts your kids through school. But you have to drop your pants, bend over, and code in COBOL and JAVA.

Like the enterprising workers of ‘that’ trade who sneak in a book to study for exams after the ‘client’ falls asleep, programmers work on startup ideas on nights and weekends… with the same hope of escape… looking forward to the day when we can code purely for pleasure and a better world.

Ruchi wrote on Oct 31, 2007:
It is said that music has no language. Also, an artist uses different mediums for his expressions. I believe programming is fun whether it is in Cobol, JAVA, or any other language. Though we may prefer one over other. Of course, I'd prefer working for my own company any time.
Anonymous wrote on Oct 31, 2007:
"JAVA" (Java) is not that bad.
Matt wrote on Oct 31, 2007:
As with other crafts, programming is most fun when the creator has the freedom to choose both the medium and the subject.
Anonymous wrote on Nov 01, 2007:
Kirubakaran A wrote on Nov 01, 2007:
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