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My New Year Wishes

  1. People will stop using guidelines from medieval times (also known as religion) to live in the modern world.
  2. India will not elect convicted criminals just for religious and caste reasons.
  3. America will elect a President who is not of the current race, gender, belief and orientation stereotype.
  4. Instead of putting band-aids on problems like starvation, we will empower the victims to resolve their problems themselves.
  5. For a change, middle east will be peaceful.
If my wish #1 comes true, I think everything else will come true too. I am hopeful.

orsenthil wrote on Dec 12, 2007:
Yes, I agree with your thoughts. I hope you have heard of Humanism:
Anonymous wrote on Dec 16, 2007:
We,the assholes need a distraction. Either we should invent to go outer spaces or the aliens should
Anonymous wrote on Dec 17, 2007:
Kiruba I like the way you have thought about this, Guidelines to living from medieval times for religion.Spot On mate.

Dei we have started a common blog for the aliens guys in NEC.
Check this out