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First off, I’ll give you a bunch of twittery updates, so that I can resume regular blogging after that. This is kind of like what you do on the first day in gym after a month long break… you just try to wake up all different muscles.

I read “Ender’s Game” and I would recommend it to everyone. I’ll be reading the sequel after a break. I am now reading:

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - page 146
  2. Gödel, Escher & Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid - started
  3. The Little Schemer - page 80
I went snow-boarding just once. I hope to go few more times before they close down.

I am doing the big climb tomorrow. I’ll be climbing the 69 floors in the Columbia tower. I am excited about it.

I’ve learned ping-pong. I don’t suck as much at it any more. I play twice or thrice almost everyday at work. Thom, my colleague, coached me by kicking my ass several times a day, handing me really humbling defeats. I kept at it and now I make him sweat - although he still wins. I do those crazy slams now, to the audience’s cheers and my opponent’s dismay.

Living room has been reconfigured now. It is a lot more comfortable. We have a new black leather couch. I set up my old laptop to serve as media center for the home and hooked up the audio system, TV, iPod etc. I’ll be hooking up a monster hard disk to it too. Now we watch even the Netflix online streaming movies using TV. I use RealVNC to remotely control the media center laptop from the laptop on my lap :-) RealVNC is awesome by the way.

I am doing exploratory programming regarding projects… nothing concrete yet.

My sis got a Macbook and my friend got an iPod Touch. I am waiting for OLPC to arrive. They said it should be here in a week or so.

I plan to learn these now:

  1. Berkeley DB - I’ve read about it. I’ll be playing with it now
  2. Advanced Pylons - I need to learn this asap so that I won’t be reinventing
Oh I almost forgot! I had about 1300 unread emails in my Gmail inbox. I cleaned them all up. I cleaned up my work inbox too. I am cleaning up all my pesky little tasks - you know, in line with Getting Things Done. I need to solve the clutter+procrastination related stress once and for all. I’ve also adopted a more minimalistic lifestyle - but that is worth a whole big blog post by itself.

Vijayakumar S.G. wrote on Mar 20, 2008:
Get me more details about RealVNC about its usage and other things. bye
Kirubakaran A wrote on Mar 20, 2008:

Using VNC, you can control one computer-1 from computer-2. Computer-1's screen will be displayed in a window in computer-2.

See these da:


Get RealVNC for free