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Changed the title to something more appropriate.

It used to be “Just Curious…” which was kinda huh?, kinda blah, kinda meh and kinda blah again. “a primate on a blue planet” is more in line with my current perspective, which no doubt will soon change.

This is not to be particularly taken as an attempt to brag about my opposable thumbs. I just use them to hit the space bar.

maniosai wrote on May 15, 2009:
Hope you don't change from a primate to anything else,at least not until you hit a space "BAR".
Anonymous wrote on May 22, 2009:
Why have you changed the name suddenly.
Kirubakaran A wrote on May 22, 2009:
Mani, Of course... :-D

Anonymous, How do I change it slowly? One word at a time? :-p
Anonymous wrote on May 25, 2009:
U have not changed :) !!

Sometimes, everything requires formulas & analysis. Maybe, even changing the name can be based on formulas applied via horoscope, Title Generator Softwares, etc.

Even title generator softwares can give lot of different names . At that time , inki-pinki-ponki can be used. Heheh. Just kidding.

The name 'Just Curious' was very good. My vote is for it. :):)
Mallik wrote on Jun 05, 2009:
Just curious was good. This is geek-eee
Meena wrote on Jun 07, 2009:
I see the missing link here...
Just Curious' --> (Curious George) --> a primate on a blue plant :-p
Anonymous wrote on Jun 08, 2009:
Just Curious to figure out the possible reason for 'a primate on a blue planet' ?

Just Curious = 12 (including space)
a primate on a blue planet = 21

I think, you took the space into consideration while counting for 'Just Curious' and landed up with 'A primate on a blue planet'.
Kirubakaran A wrote on Jun 17, 2009:
@Mallik! I've been procrastinating calling you.

@Meena, Thats a really good one :-)

@Anonymous, You are crazy.
Manikantan wrote on Jun 27, 2009:
looks like you have got hung up at the space bar
Kirubakaran A wrote on Jun 28, 2009:
Mani, :-) More posts coming up... Life is too interesting to blog right now ;)
Anonymous wrote on Jul 06, 2009:
Nice to hear that more posts are coming from your pocket :)
Keep posting so that your fans do not get disappointed :)
Anonymous wrote on Oct 17, 2009:
just curious was just too good