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Notes : Technology & Courage

I reread ‘Technology and Courage’ [pdf] last Thursday, making effective use of the time waiting to go to my weekly motorcycle meet. I took notes this time. By the way, I had an awesome time at the meet, at Pike Place Brewery. The Kilt Lifters did live up to their name.

These notes were a result of liberal paraphrasing… So read the original for accuracy.

  • It is all about courage. We almost never look at it like that.
  • Do warm up projects. IMPORTANT
  • Identify your failures of courage. This is difficult as it comes well disguised.
    • “I am too busy with a more important task”
    • “No one will be interested in my work”
    • “Can’t show. It is not quite done yet”
    • “I have to analyze this further”
    • “Let us be just reasonable here”
  • Long vacation / Sabbatical is great for good work because:
    • Change of location
    • Rest
    • Lack of distractions
  • Harness pride.
  • Anglo-Saxon names for things stick, more than Roman names <==
  • If you use parenthesis in writing, either you are too lazy or your thoughts are still muddled.
  • Blogging is good. Ivan called it “display file”. It gives you an informal start, which is important.
  • Have courage to abandon unsuccessful projects.
  • We have a finite reserve of courage. Use it well.
  • He has more tricks to bolster courage.Device some of your own.