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Ferry Ride to Bremerton

Weather has been amazing. I was going home from work yesterday evening and I didn’t have the heart to just head home and waste the warm evening. So I took the Seattle Downtown to Bremerton ferry and came back in the same boat. It was a two hour ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was fun to focus on little details like the pattern of wavelets on the water. There were many layers of them and varying levels of intensity and size. Observing things like that for more than a few minutes at a time gives a thrill as mind is relieved from drifting to current issues and running thoughts about them in an infinite loop.

Since it is a commuter ferry, it is really inexpensive. It cost me just $6.75 for west-bound travel and all east bound travels are free.

I went to Bainbridge Island couple of weeks ago like that and walked around in the island for an hour. Bremerton route was more fun.

1 comment
Ruchi wrote on Jul 23, 2009:
Wow. What a postcard pic you've captured.
With all the observations made on the dock do I see a PhD coming :P