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Art Supplies

I went to a traditional art store today. We used to buy from that place when my sister and I took drawing lessons long ago. We bought supplies there out of last minute necessity and we didn’t buy much anyway. I wanted to buy some water colors to try. Yowww isn’t that place a rip off! Sure it is awesome to look around and everything but the prices are crazy to me. Definitely not affordable to the stereotypical ‘starving artist’. I bought just a small drawing set which had sketching supplies (graphite, charcoal, sanguine etc). Amazon seems to be a far cheaper place for water colors. I’ll be buying from them. I wonder where real artists buy their supplies.

New York, NY wrote on Feb 09, 2010:
lol i think real artists buy the same kind of place
Mammoth wrote on Feb 12, 2010:
"Real artists have little interest in 'supplies' but are intent on creating and creating again, send a friend to find the supplies and get out in nature to hear it's songs."