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I am learning. I drew it seeing the pic. Settled down at about 9:15 and drew for an hour. Next time, something less negative-spacey.

Ruchi wrote on Aug 10, 2009:
Puppiesh are cute. You did well. Do you mostly draw animals? first I saw you drew a lion.
Kirubakaran A wrote on Aug 11, 2009:
Thank you. Longggg way to go :)

Didn't really think of it before. May be I pick animals as I think they are hard enough but not as hard as drawing a human face.
MzBurnz wrote on Mar 19, 2010:
Personally I think drawing animals is harder than humans (excluding hands-- they are so difficult for me). When I drew on a sort of regular basis, I enjoyed shading skin and clothing rather than fur. I never quite seemed to catch on to the process right for animals. :/

Good luck though!