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Book : Broken Symmetries
Broken Symmetries
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Read : Jan 1, 1996
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"Paul Preuss has done a fine thing. He has written a magnificent book in BROKEN SYMMETRIES. I admire his knowledge and artistry." Roger Zelazny BROKEN SYMMETRIES introduces theoretical physicist Peter Slater and world-traveling photojournalist Anne-Marie Brand. They meet in Hawaii, where Anne-Marie is in pursuit of a story about the giant atom-smasher TERAC, the newest and biggest particle accelerator in the world, built amidst the pineapple fields of Oahu. Dr. Martin Edovich is the triumphant scientist behind the projecthe claims that "his" discovery of I-particles will win him the Nobel Prize and change the face of physics. But Peter Slater predicted the existence of I-particles long ago and suspects that they are unstableexplosive and potentially cataclysmic. And as TERAC ramps up, Slaters theory is about to be tested. The symmetries of matter itself are about to be unexpectedly broken, unleashing the fury of self-annihilation...
Average Rating:
3.31 / 5
333 pages
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