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Book : Contact
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Read : Jan 1, 1996
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For centuries humanity has dreamed of life and intelligence beyond the Earth; for decades scientists have searched for it in every corner of the sky; for years Project Argus, a vast, sophisticated complex of radio telescopes, has listened for a signal indicating the existence, somewhere in the universe, of extraterrestrial intelligence. Then, one afternoon, the course of human history is changed, abruptly and forever. The Message, awaited for so long, it's very possibility doubted by so many, arrives. Contact has been made. Life, intelligence, someone, some thing beyond Earth, 26 light-years away, in the vicinity of the star Vega, is calling, beaming across space a wholly unexpected message to say that we are not - have never been - alone.
Average Rating:
4.11 / 5
580 pages
Source: Goodreads