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Book : The Doomsday Conspiracy
The Doomsday Conspiracy
My Rating :
Read : Jan 1, 2001
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OPERATION DOOMSDAY,.. ACTIVE,.. Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is dispatched on a top secret mission. A weather balloon carrying sensitive military information has crashed in Switzerland. Bellamy must locate the ten witnesses to the incident so that they can be sworn to secrecy. But as he conducts his search Bellamy begins to suspect that he, too, is being hunted, by an unknown lethal force that what he was told about the balloon was only one part of an almost unbelievable happening... From Washington to Zurich, Rome and Paris, the story unfolds to reveal Bellamy's past why the women he loves the most cannot return his love, why his friends become his deadly enemies, and why the world must never learn the incredible secret hidden on the Swiss Alps...
Average Rating:
3.59 / 5
448 pages
Source: Goodreads