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Book : The Salmon of Doubt
The Salmon of Doubt
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Read : Jan 1, 2012
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Douglas Adams changed the face of science fiction with his cosmically comic novel The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and its classic sequels. Sadly for his countless admirers, he hitched his own ride to the great beyond much too soon. Culled posthumously from Adamss fleet of beloved Macintosh computers, this selection of essays, articles, anecdotes, and stories offers a fascinating and intimate portrait of the multifaceted artist and absurdist wordsmith. Join Adams on an excursion to climb Kilimanjarodressed in a rhino costume; peek into the private life of Genghis Khanwarrior and world-class neurotic; root for the harried authors efforts to get a Hitchhiker movie off the ground in Hollywood; thrill to the further exploits of private eye Dirk Gently and two-headed alien Zaphod Beeblebrox. Though Douglas Adams is gone, hes left us something very special to remember him by. Without a doubt.
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3.92 / 5
298 pages
Source: Goodreads