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Book : The Supermen
The Supermen
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Read : Oct 31, 2015
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The Supermen offers the first up-close-and-personal profile of Seymour Cray, the brilliant and reputedly eccentric designer of the world's fastest computers. This is the story of a technical genius who, against all odds, created a series of machines that revolutionized the computing industry. Chronicling each major breakthrough, Murray takes us behind the scenes to witness late-night brainstorming sessions, miraculous eleventh-hour fixes, and flashes of insight when bold new ideas were cooked up. Drawing from rare in-depth interviews with Seymour Cray, Murray gives us an unparalleled portrait of the man and his methods, reporting not only Cray's personal reflections, but the recollections of his closest colleagues and the truth behind the rumors.
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4.02 / 5
232 pages
Source: Goodreads